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Korean name
Hangul: 백령도
Hanja: 白翎島
Revised Romanization: Baekryeong-do

Baengnyeong-do (백령도, , white.feather.island) is an island in the West Sea (서해), technically part of Incheon, and the furthest north area on the west side of the country. Baengnyeong-do is approximately a mere 12 km from North Korea, and from Shimcheonggak on the hill looking northward the North can be seen just across the bay. Despite the proximity to North Korea and the large number of navy and military zones on the island, it is not difficult to get to and tourism is strong. It takes approximately three hours from Incheon Wharf (인천부두)

The island itself is 45.83㎢ with a population of 4,329 in 1999. There are a number of PC bangs on the island in the main settlement of Jinchon (진촌) as well as a library, and other amenities one would expect to find in a small town including banks. There are a number of clubs as well that cater to soldiers while on leave, and as the island is quite small the people working in the clubs are apparently from out of town.

The average temperature in January is -4.5℃ and 25℃ in August, and the yearly rainfall is 755.8 mm.

There are a number of Pojangmachas on the beach in summer that open in the early evening and stay open all night. The sand on the beach is packed hard enough to drive a car, and people often drive a car slowly down the beach at night while collecting clams they find with the light from the headlights to roast later.

The second oldest church in the country (Junghwa-dong Church - 중화동 교회) is also located on the island.

A one-way ticket to the island costs slightly below 50,000 won; see the official site for further information on times and prices.

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