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Incheon Metropolitan City


Korean name
Revised Romanization Incheon Gwang-yeoksi
McCune-Reischauer Inch'ŏn Kwang'yŏksi
Hangul 인천광역시
Hanja 仁川廣域市
Short name Incheon (Inch'ŏn; 인천)
Population 2,466,338
(2000 census [1])
Area 964.53 km²
Government Metropolitan City
Administrative divisions 8 wards (Gu), 2 counties (Gun)
Region Sudogwon
Dialect Seoul
Location map
Map of South Korea highlighting the city


General information

Incheon is a major city located on the northwest coast. Incheon is very close to Seoul, so much that the two share the same subway system; however, the two governments are completely independent, and Incheon is technically the fourth largest city in Korea. Incheon is also the location of the largest airport in the country, Incheon International Airport.

Incheon does not only comprise the city itself but also the outlying islands to the west, and technically all the way up to Baengnyeong-do, a mere 12 km or so from North Korea.

Ferries may also be taken from Incheon to various cities in China from the Yeonan Wharf (연안부두). These ferries will usually cost from 100,000 to 200,000 one way depending on distance and class. Cities in China one may travel to include:

  • Dalian, Dandong in Liaoning Province
  • Qingdao, Weihai in Shandong Province
  • Qinhuangdao in Hebei Province

Though Incheon is close to the city of Seoul as seen on a map, it is a little too far away to make frequent trips into Seoul all that pleasant when taking the subway, and this should be taken into account. This will depend on how deep one is in Incheon, however. Any station farther away than Bupyeong Station will make for a long ride to Seoul, especially if one has to take the bus to the station in the first place which adds even more time. Those considering moving to Incheon should consider whether frequent trips to Seoul will have to be made or not.

If your subway station is Dong Incheon you can at least be guaranteed a seat on the ride to Seoul as it's the first station for the Yongsan Express train. Juan is O.K too.

There are, however, several bus lines operated by the Samhwa Bus company that connect all corners of mainland Incheon to Seoul Station and some other places as well. These bus lines are more convenient than the subway as no transfer at Bupyeong is needed, and a more comfortable seat than the subway is ususally available.

Administrative divisions

Inchon is divided into 8 wards ("Gu") and 2 counties ("Gun").

Getting there

  • Air: ICN is right next door.
  • Bus: Several bus lines from Seoul Station as well as the rest of Korea go to Incheon.
  • Rail: None.
  • Subway: See Seoul Subway.
  • Boat: Take ferry from Wolmido Island. Its a 3,000 fare one-way for adults. On arrival at the airport island, take a bus or taxi from there. Other boats go to the outer islands.
  • Road: Access island via airport expressway.


International Business Park

This street is just outside the airport terminal area. There's an E-Mart here, some restaurants, and the rather unsatisfactory Korea Guest House.

Airport Town Square

This burgeoning new urban center is on the island with ICN airport. New business district and lots of new high-rise apartments. The new subway stops here - only two stops from the airport.

Airport Town Square Restaurants

Accomodations at Airport Town Square

When one leaves the subway station, several motels can be seen ahead and a bit to the right. They include the Saipan Motel, Sebaya Motel, Hotel June, Bangkok Motel, Hotel Queen and the Shin Kong Hang (New Airport) Motel. The last of these has rooms for 50,000 won, adequate but not great. A couple blocks farther on are a group of hotels of a little better quality. They include the Sky Hotel, the adjacent Incheon Airport Hotel - and the nearby Airpark Hotel and Hotel Hub Herb. The Sky has rooms for 65,000 won; the Hub Herb for 70,000 won with internet computer included. Bring your own toothpaste to these places, and don't hesitate to bargain.

You can see the map of this Airport Town Square and the restaurant information which is very useful through the Hotel SKY Blog. http://incheonairporthotelsky.blogspot.com



Incheon has the only Chinatown in the country. site. It is in Jung-gu, next to the Incheon train station.



  • Jongno Ddeokjup - 751-6007 - they make uncommonly bright-colored ddeok. They are across from Post Office just up from Lee Mart.
  • LeeMart - across from the Post Office
  • Power Market - around the corner from the Post Office


The city is also home to K-League soccer side Incheon United, Korean professional baseball league team SK Wyverns and Korean Basketball League team Incheon ET Land Blackslamer.

Sister cities

  • Anchorage, Alaska, United States
  • Honolulu, Hawaii, United States
  • Kitakyushu (福岡県北九州市), Fukuoka, Japan
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

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