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Incheon International Airport

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Incheon International Airport (인천국제공항) is the primary international airport in Korea. Its international airport code is ICN. It was designed by Fentress Bradburn Architects.

Almost all international flights to Seoul land at the airport, and it has recently been rated as the best airport in the world. At present, options from the airport to Seoul include a taxi or a shuttle bus (also known as a limousine bus) to various location for 8,000 - 13,000 won. discussion on this topic Each of these methods will take somewhere around an hour depending on location. As the airport is west of the city, destinations to the west of the river will not take quite so long, whereas Bundang to the southeast will require somewhere around 90 minutes. The buses are available directly outside the arrival gate on the first floor.

Taxi fares to major locations in and near Seoul:

A subway is under construction to extend the existing line to the airport, but it will not be finished until 2009.


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