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Mokpo Bus schedules

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This is a schedule of transportation schedules from Mokpo to other parts of the country. Accurate as of January 2011. Call ahead if in doubt.

Mokpo's bus information can be found on 2 sites. Usquare and Busline. Both are only in Korean but the menus are easy to use and both produce timetables. Just make sure you know the Hangeul for your location.

City bus route info can be found here. If you follow the links you get price info as well.

Train schedules can be found at in English and Korean. Trains go to Yongsan and east to Suncheon and Busan.

Mokpo is serviced now by Muan Airport. 1 flight a day schedule can be seen here. Flight bookings can be found here.

Ferry information and ferry company links can be found here. Includes Jeju times.

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