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Resources on the Galbijim Wiki

File:Korean consonants.jpg
Korean consonants, roughly corresponding to the sounds of the letters g, n, d, r, m, b, s, none (represents lack of a consonant sound), j, ch, k, t, p, and h
File:Korean vowels.jpg
Korean vowels, roughly corresponding to the English sounds ah, yah, aw, yaw, oh, yo, ooh, you, euh, and ee


An excellent online source for anyone interested in learning Korean language. A collection of Naver dictionaries lists all kinds of dictionaries to choose from. A very useful feature is the ꡭ어사전 (a dictionary that explains Korean words in Korean) and the 백과사전 (not only explains the words' meanings, but also teaches you about culture, history etc related to the word). For more advanced learners the ν•œμžμ‚¬μ „ would be very helpful since it allows you to memorize the meaning of generally two-character words through understanding the meaning of the two components, which makes the process of expanding one's vocabulary much easier.

Online courses

Online basics or simple courses

Television programs that teach Korean

You'll find two versions of this program available in the VOD section. The ongoing one started on 2/28/05 and is hosted by Beau Jackson and μ΅œν˜„μ •. Material is geared toward beginning learners.

The previous version of Hello! μ•ˆλ…•ν•˜μ„Έμš” was hosted by Richard Harris and μž₯은아. It was a bilingual learning experience: Richard spoke in English and μž₯은아 in Korean. All episodes are still available via VOD.

ν•œκ΅­μ–΄λ‘œ λ§ν•©μ‹œλ‹€ is no longer in production, but VODs for all 215 episodes are still available. The entire program is in Korean, so it's not for beginners.

Let's Speak Korean is not for learners who already have some knowledge of Korean. The 30 most recent episodes are available through VOD.

Internet Forums

Language Exchanges

AUVcJO <a href="">nipprkyjmxxy</a>, [url=]lvsdzkwzqqah[/url], [link=]erkgrbrajftb[/link],


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