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Room salons, Business Clubs, Villages of Widows, Missy Clubs, Room business [clubs] ... are upscale noraebangs that have large couches, and a selection of girls for one to choose from for companionship, drinking games, dancing, strip teasing, lap dancing, and extras. They frequently also have karaoke equipment and/or an on-call small live band. Most places are staffed by Korean women, but Russian women are also known to be employed at some locations, for a premium.

Room salons are very popular places for Korean businessmen with corporate expense accounts to butter up clients or unwind as they down glass after glass of whiskey-in-beer boilermakers (Poktanju).

It usually involves buying 150-300,000+ won bottles of whiskey(which would normally retail for 30,000 won), plus paying tips for the hostesses and purchasing fruit platters, or other anju. The girls are employed to keep customers purchasing more and more, so they are expert at drinking, getting the customers to drink, dumping the alcohol in the ice bucket, dumping it on the floor, dumping it on the couch, etc. When the liquor dries up, so does the fun, so expect to buy several bottles, depending on the size of the party.

Girls will usually not have sex, unless an extra fee is paid to the house, which is called "second round" (2차). Second rounds can cost from about 200,000 won up and usually take place in a nearby hotel after the hostesses change clothes. A variation is the 북창동식 room salon, which ends with oral sex performed in the room as a group. Some hostesses refuse to go to the second round.

It's not uncommon for a small group of businessmen to drop well over a million won for an average room salon experience without the second round.

It should be noted that these are not always for men. Host bars can be found, particularly in Gangnam, which cater to affluent Korean women looking for the same pampering from Korean men. Whether any prostitution actually transpires in there is anyone's guess and is a sensitive cultural debate in itself.

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