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Seoul Forest

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Located in Ttukseom, Seoul Forest (서울숲) opened in 2005. Despite its name which makes one think of untouched nature in the heart of Seoul, it is more accurately described as an eco-friendly park. One-third the size of New York's Central Park, the park has five zones. In the nature preserve zone, people are not permitted access. From the perimeters or an over-head bridge, people can view the deer and birds. In true Korean fashion, the deer are fed cabbage from troughs. Within 100 meters of the deer, the Gangbyeon Expressway rushes by, and one artery leading onto the Seongsu Bridge nearly passes right over the deer. In other zones of the park, you can find sports fields, a nature museum, an equestrian center, picnic grounds, and extensive bike/walking trails.

The park can be accessed from Ttukseom Station on line #2. Or, better yet, you can ride your bicycle right into the park from the Han River bicycle path. At this time, the signposts along the Han River are only in Korean, so you might easily get the impression that bicycles are banned out-right from the park, when in fact it's simply the case that the bicycle entrance is about 200 meters past (or before) the pedestrian entrance.

While people expecting pure, untrammeled nature may be disappointed, the Seoul Forest is a welcome and treasured addition to the city of Seoul. Along with the more recently restored Cheongyechon and the World Cup Stadium eco-park, Seoul Forest is part of a campaign to make Seoul a much more livable city.

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