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I think I'll let you write most of this article. Note that the English Wikipedia doesn't have articles on all the 구 yet so that would be the first area in which we have something they don't. mithridates aka 데이빛 02:47, 24 November 2005 (UTC)

What happened to Rock and Roll? What's there now? Or did he sell? Myself and a few others were negotiating to take that place off his hands 2 years ago. Great potential and location. I always had a little dream about going back there and buying the place and turning it into a sports pub.--Galbijim 18:10, 12 March 2006 (CET)

Hi, I'm looking for a health club with exercise classes and decent cardio/weight equipment in the Bomeo area. I live near the Grand Hotel / California Fitness. I was a member of California Fitness, and they closed last week! Any suggestions would be great.

I reckon that most ex-Caifornia members are going to Seongwon_Nexus now. About a 10 minute walk northeast from Beomeo Station.--Galbijim 04:49, 17 May 2008 (EDT)



Hi everyone, I'm looking for a full functioning gym, possibly with a full set of dumbells, benches, bars, etc. near the Duryu subway station or anywhere near it. Directions would also help. Thanks!!

Health club

Hi I'm looking for a health club near Wolbae station in Daegu, any help? 16:09, 23 May 2007 User:

Walk to Sangin Station and go to the 7th floor of Lotte Dept Store. There, you'll find Bally Fitness.--Galbijim 10:24, 23 May 2007 (CEST)

Health club

Hi im lookinf for a health club near the prince deagu hotel in myeondeok. There is one right behind the hotel but they speak noooo english at all. Can you please help. User:Lala 15:04, 27 May 2007

There are about 3 that we can find in that area. Walk west from Prince Hotel and go up the hill until you reach the big intersection. Turn left and walk about 3 blocks and look for a sign on the left that says 미래헬스클럽. That's one. Keep walking further and you'll come to the intersection with an island in the middle. On the south side of the intersection, in front of the island, you'll see a building with 홍화헬스 in it. That's another. Also, if you are back at the first big intersection at the top of the hill up from Prince Hotel and if you were to take a right, if approaching from the hotel, you can find another. Walk straight and go past the high school that you'll eventually see on your right. A few minutes past the high school, look at the building on the left side of the street near the apartments. You should be able to see a health club called 남산헬스. I have no idea of the english level of the staff of any of these places, however, as that will be hit and miss. What specifically do you need to speak with them about that requires clear communication? Registration? Training advice? If you need trainers that have some grasp of english, your best bet would be to take the subway to California Fitness. Otherwise, let us know if you need some translation help of what you want to communicate to health club staff and we can help you out in that regard by providing some relevant phrases.--Galbijim 17:31, 27 May 2007 (CEST)

Hi! I just moved to Daegu and I am having troubles finding a gym that is walking distance from my appartment. I live near the 경대병원역 subway station. I just want a gym where I can use a treadmill and lift some weights. Thanks for the help!

Martial arts school

Hi Are there any recommended martial arts schools for foreigners in Daegu? I live in the Wolbae area but can travel

We can find you pretty much any kind of martial studio in any area of Daegu, but no guarantees about the levels of English you will find there..--Galbijim

martial arts

HI im looking for a martial arts school around suyu in seoul if you know anything that could help that would be great. ive been looking for capoeria but have had no luck as of yet.

You're in luck, only 6 stops from you is Hansung University. They have a Capoeria workshop going on there. If you miss it, have a Korean friend call the organizer and ask for more info on capoeria studios in the area...--Galbijim

Hello! I'm an English Teacher in Daegu and I'm looking for a Capoeira club or and Aikido club. I live near Daegok Station but I am willing to travel a bit if I have to.

There's an Aikido place next to Garden Hotel. (053)794-1235 or 011-790-5359. Best to call ahead for exact directions and/or advice if the dojang knows of any other places closer to you.--Galbijim 21:22, 7 March 2008 (EST)

Hi Everyone, My name is Steven, and I'll soon be moving to Daegu, Keimyung University. I want to start a Filipino Martial Arts club at the University. I also would like to learn Ju Jitsu (BJJ). are there any FMA clubs in the area? any JJ clubs or MMA clubs? I do not speak korean. Any info is greatly appreciated! -steven


I am at Wolchon and would like to find a Wing Tsun/Wing Chun training venue.  Failing that, I am also interested in Kali, Arnis, Escrima.  So Steven, tell me when you set up your club.  Cheers.

-I'm practicing now on weekends, at Keimyung (seong so) gym. I have sticks, headgear, some punching pads, but not a lot of things, you're welcometo contact me at kyushinsha@charter.net

Muay Thai or Kickboxing

For Muay Thai, the best place in Daegu is Fearless Gym.

its right near the subway station.

we moved to much nicer and bigger place!! it's in the subway green line right between Shin-mae station to Sa-wol station.

we have many champions, foreign students, girls, etc......

if you are looking for some real workout, please don't hesitate to come to us, please just come and watch our real fight for free. You are always more than welcome. and we teaching for real. You will know what real Muay Thai is !!

call 010-9554-2010.

Looking for Yoga/Pilates


I was wondering if you knew about places for Yoga or Pilates in Daegu. I live in Chilgok but can travel if there aren't any places up here. I want to do something organized but I think martial arts might be out of my league at this point.

For Pilates in Chilgok, you can go to International Core Pilates Association. If walking out of Dong-A Department Store, turn left and walk straight for about 5-10 minutes. Cross the bridge and then cross the riverside road straight ahead of you. After crossing this road, turn right and cross to the other side of the big road. Once on that side of the street, turn left and keep walking straight, going away from the river. By now, you should see Daegu Bank coming up on your right and GS25 on the other side of the street. Once you get to the next street after the Daegu Bank and Nonghyup Bank, turn right. Then take your 2nd right. The Pilates studio will be on the 3rd floor of the building on the right. To be certain of where you are going and/or if coming from a different direction, have a Korean friend confirm directions by referring to this map.
Also, if you are looking for Yoga in Chilgok, there are 3 yoga places near Home Plus that I can provide directions for, if you need.--Galbijim 08:58, 12 March 2008 (EDT)

Yoga- Sangin

I was wondering if you knew of a Yoga studio in Sangin. Thanks.

There's a yoga place behind Lotte Dept Store at Sangin Stn. From exit 6 of the station, walk straight and take your first right after the dept store. Walk straight, passing the open plaza next to the dept store until you reach the next block. It'll be in the first building on the right, on the 4th floor. The number there is 053-636-3306, in case you get lost. One month membership is 70,000won. 3 mnths is 180,000won. They sometimes have seasonal packages, ie., summer sale of 150,000 for 3 mnths, so might want to ask about any current deals. Their 1 hour sessions begin at 10am, 6:20pm, 7:40pm, and 9:00pm.--Galbijim 11:02, 20 April 2008 (EDT)

I there, I'm moving to Siji, Daegu, in a month or so and am looking for pilates or yoga classes in the area, if anyone knows of any. Thank you.

There are 4 yoga places that I know of around Sinmae Station, which is the center of Siji. This one is in the building across from E-mart. 60,000won/mnth. http://local.naver.com/siteview.nhn?code=11581512--Galbijim 19:17, 10 November 2008 (EST)

English Yoga Studio in Suseng-gu

I live near the DongA shopping center in Suseng-gu and was looking for a local English Yoga Studio here. Are there any in my local area?

I don't know of any english-speaking ones, off-hand, but thats not to suggest that the ones there don't speak English. You'll just have to go there and check it out. In my experience with yoga in Korea, its not something that requires a lot of communication beyond finding out prices and membership info. But as for location, go to the 8th floor of Dong-A Dept Store, as they have a yoga center there. Alternatively, you can try Dong-A Sports Center, which is a 5 minute walk west of the dept store.--Galbijim 03:19, 28 May 2008 (EDT)


I need to get some serious cardio workout and I live in Seobyun-Dong in Buk-gu. I don't live far from the Kyungbuk University and plan to be moving closer to it in September. I'm also look for a place outside of the gym since the gym fees here are way too much. I'm on a budget and need to get my work out on. Preferably a morning class since I'm a teacher and work in the evenings.

Seobyun-dong is home to the Universiade Center and its great workout facilities. Health club, pool. 80K/mnth for health club. Or you can take various yoga or dance aerobic classes for 40-50K/mnth--Galbijim 15:58, 15 July 2008 (EDT)

Looking for a gym


I'm looking for a full functioning gym, hopefully with employees that can speak some English, that is near Beomeo Station & Daegu Grand Hotel.

  • Try Seongwon Nexus, which is a 10-15 min walk NE of that intersection.--Galbijim 00:26, 10 September 2008 (EDT)

boxing club near deabek plaze

Hi. I have been looking for a boxing club near Deabek plaza. Do you know of any around?

  • There's a boxing plaza near Youngnam Hospital, about a 10-15 min walk west from Debec. They apparently have a Filipino trainer. Have a Korean friend call 010 6613 7066 for exact directions (mention that you found his number on 네이버 지식)--Galbijim 07:06, 13 September 2008 (EDT)

Health club

I am looking for a health club as close as possible to Daegu Bank subway station. Suseong-gu, Suseong-4-ga. Do you have any suggestions for me? Also, do the health clubs offer massages? Thanks!

  • There's a gym called Health House on the right side, if walking from Daegu Bank Stn to Beomeo. A little past halfway to Beomeo. As for massages, some gyms offer that. You'll have to check. Otherwise, you can get one at a local mogyoktang or jjimjilbang.--Galbijim 06:47, 13 September 2008 (EDT)

Boxing club near Daebec Plaza

Hello, I tried to call the number for the boxing club near deabec plaza (010 6613 7066), but nobody picked up. My wife called and they said it was wrong number. Could you confirm the number please.


That's the same number that I have. Will update if I find more accurate info--Galbijim 19:17, 10 November 2008 (EST)

Martial Art Classes

Hi! I am interested in taking martial arts classes, but I'm having trouble finding English speaking and adult classes. I live pretty close to downtown, by Kyungpook University. Cassie

Finding English-speaking instructors is a shot-in-the-dark. You won't know until you walk into the place. Some speak it well, some speak broken English, and some not at all. I can suggest going to Fearless Gym, which teaches Muay Thai in English, but that's way out east in Siji and would be a 30 minute bus from Kyungpook University (unless you are by Kyungpook University Hospital, which is downtown, and is only a 15-20 minute subway ride to their place.) Fearless Gym can give exact directions, if you call 010-9554-2010. But if you want to stay local, you'd be best to just walk into a local martial arts place and check their English level and if they teach adults. --Galbijim 19:17, 10 November 2008 (EST)

hapkido in suseong gu

hi, i've just moved nearby the DongA Department store on Jisan Dong, are there any hapkido or maybe tae kwon do schools nearby? It'd be nice to have an english speaking one, but i'm sure i'll make do if not.

Thanks, Phill

There's a number of them around. Closest to Dong-A would be Segye Taekwondo 053-782-7777. Located in the side streets behind Dong-A. I believe its on the 4th or 5th floor.--Galbijim 19:17, 10 November 2008 (EST)

Judo in 소성

Hey all, New to Daegu, Living in Suseong (Trump World).

Would love it if anyone could point me in the direction of a good Judo club in or around Suseong-gu. Haven't trained in almost 10 years, so pretty much starting from scratch, I speak a little Korean (enough to converse) so the language barrier shouldn't be too high to hurdle. Also, where to buy a Gi?

Hit back!

Thanks, Ryan.


I'm looking for a Gumdo dojang in Jisan-dong, Suseong gu. Any information would be great.


Hello, i've just moved to Daegu and am living near Hyondok Nagari, any hints on a good place to pick up some TKD, or any other art in the area that has a good school? -Peter M


I am looking for a decent TKD gym to join, if anyone knows of a good TKD gym near Sangin or along the red line in Daegu please let me know.

Theres a good gym near ayyangyano on the redline, email me at bigmacd24@hotmail.com for more info, or i'll post it up here when I find it.

Taekwondo near Paldal-dong

I'm looking for a taekwondo studio near paldal-dong (very close to paldal bridge).

Lap Pools near Jincheon Station?

I am in search or a gym or a recreational center with a lap pool. I would like to find one near Jincheon station, however if that is not possible I will be ok with traveling. Please advise.

Thank you!


I am looking for a gym (preferably with at least 1 person to communicate with in English). I am located near Dong-A Suseong.



Hey I am looking for a Hapkido class. I have heard there is one near camp walker. Doe any one have any more information on that? Like how to get there and when the classes are , or even a telephone number? Thanks


Wondering if there are any Sunmudo gyms in Daegu?


hi there!!1 I just moved here!!!! To Daegu that is.. just wondering if you could give me the name and directions/ what to say in a taxi to a good gym near my location... I live in Hamagi building( new), in mancheo-dong, suseong-gu..... its about 8 minutes in taxi to the manchon e-mart!!! thanks alot!!!

Gym/Martial Arts/Paragliding

Hi, I live in San-gyeok dong near Kyungpook National University, and I work in Chimsan dong near the Chimsan EMart and HomePlus. I'm looking for a fitness center, a place with martial arts classes for adults (tae-kwon-do or hapkido), and information about paragliding in or near Daegu. Any ideas? Thanks!

Health Clubs?

Hi, I was wondering if you know of any exercising facilities near Keimyung University. (:

Gyms near Jincheon in Daegu

Hi, I'm new to Daegu and live in Jincheon.

Please could you help me in finding a gym or martial arts gym in my area??! thanks, Adean

Sinme Station (about a mile south of the station)

Looking for any types of workout facilities: gym, yoga, pilates, martial arts, etc. Does anyone know a good place to get a good workout, whatever that workout might be.

Looking for Holistic or Alternative Medicine in Daegu

NOT acupuncture, though.

Doesn't quite matter to us where in Daegu.

Also are looking for a good organic grocery store.

BOXING GYM in DAEGU I've just moved to Daegu about a 2 months ago and am ready to get back into shape. Before I left the states I had started learning to box at a boxing gym ... I am a woman and worked out with women but am prepared to work out with men.

Anyone know any boxing gyms period in Daegu - English speaking would be nice -- but i'm not going to expect much.


Gym, gym classes, or martial arts

Hi, I just moved to South Korea 2 weeks ago to teach English. I want to find either a gym that offers classes or a good martial arts studio near where I live. I do better working out if someone is there pushing me. I also enjoy kickboxing and used to do it in the States. I live near Buk-gu Bokhyeon 2 dong. Any help will be appreciated!! Thanks!

Gym / Health club

Hey, I am looking for a gym or health club in Yulha. Preferably somewhere around the athlete's village. It doesnt have to be state of the art body building equipment, but just something to get and stay fit. cheers, H

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