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Yangju 100px
Hangul: 양주시
Hanja: 楊州市
Revised Romanization: Yangju-si
McCune-Reischauer: Yangju-si
Area: 310.10 km²
Population: 159,891 2004 [1]
Pop. density: 515.6 people/km²
Administrative divisions: 1 eup, 4 myeon, 6 dong
File:Map Yangju-si.png

Yangju (양주시, , willow.province.city) is a city in Gyeonggi-do. The population as of 2004 was 159,891, including:

  • 152,596 Koreans and
  • 7,295 non-Koreans.


General information

  • Number of households: 50,793 (2003)
  • Administrative divisions: 1 eup, 4 myeon, 6 dong
  • Location of city hall: 1-1 Nambang-dong, Yangju-shi, Gyeonggi-do (경기도 양주시 남방동 1-1)
  • City flower: 개나리
  • City tree: Pine (소나무)
  • City bird: Magpie (까치)

To the east are the cities of Pocheon and Dongducheon, to the west are the cities of Paju and Goyang, to the south are the cities of Seoul and Uijeongbu, and to the north is the county of Yeoncheon.

Some of the mountains in the city include Gamaksan (감악산, 紺嶽山:675m), Chilbongsan (칠봉산, 七峰山:506m), and Aengmubong (앵무봉, 鸚鵡峰:622m).

The climate is nearly the same as Seoul: the average temperature in January is -5.4℃, and the average in August is 26℃. The average yearly precipitation is around 1,300 mm.

As a potential place to live, one should be sure of exactly which part of Yangju a house or apartment would be located in, as Yangju is quite large in area, and though it shares a border with Seoul it also stretches for quite a ways up north.

Administrative divisions

Sister cities

  • Cantho, Vietnam

Restaurants and Bars

Downtown Yangju


As the average Korean, Japanese, and Chinese restaurants are in abundance throughout Korea and are easy for foreigners to find, the following restaurants reflect a sampling of restaurants considered to be either popular or are western-friendly choices and other ethnic foods.



Yangju is 10-15 minutes north of Uijeongbu. Although Junae Station will be the nearest subway station, it is still under construction. Uijeongbu Bukbu Station is the nearest subway station and is a 10 minute bus ride away. Central Seoul is about a 40 minute subway ride from here.

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